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Desmond Brown, Lindsay Holliday heading to runoff in Macon Water Authority District 2 race

Five people were in the running to fill the District 2 seat.

MACON, Ga. — The race for Macon Water Authority District 2 has come to an end.

Five people were in the running to fill the District 2 seat

Brown received 4,692 or 41.3% of the votes.

Marshall Talley got 1,456, or 12.9% of votes, Lindsay Holliday received 2,410, or 21.2% of votes, Jeff Howell ended with 1,424, or 12.5% of votes, and 1,359, or 12% of votes went to Michele Parks.

Brown held the seat until March and stepped down to run for chair as the board investigated him for possible state ethics violations.

The lifelong Macon native announced on Facebook his candidacy for his old seat in District 2.

“I have decided to heed the calling by the voters of Macon Water Authority District  2 reaching out to me by text messaging and phone calls to please seek re-election. With prayers and love from you all I qualified (Aug. 8). Here I come again! … Ready to work! And still the beloved #Whistleblower,” Brown posted on Facebook.

Back in August, Liz Fabian with the Macon Newsroom wrote that Brown said the Macon Water Authority was retaliating against his stance on stormwater issues and redistricting when they launched a special counsel investigation in December after allegations of possible fraud concerning billing the authority for a client of his disaster mitigation company.

Other clients of Brown’s came forward during the investigation which led former district attorney David Cooke to report witnesses had indicated Brown targeted the elderly and did not provide services.

The Macon Newsroom also uncovered Brown’s past legal trouble where he was ordered in 2019 to repay a client’s $40,000 investment from 2011 plus 25 percent yearly interest, which now totals over $150,000. That pending case stalled when Brown filed for bankruptcy after spending a few days in jail in February for not complying with the judge’s order to turn over financial records.

The authority had considered appealing to Gov. Brian Kemp to have Brown removed from his District 2 seat, but he effectively resigned when he qualified to run for chairman earlier this year and the authority concluded Cooke’s investigation.

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