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Herschel Walker, Ted Cruz visit Dublin on campaign trail, blame Democrats for inflation

Herschel Walker talked about his stances on inflation, pronouns in the military, and abortion.

DUBLIN, Ga. — Wednesday, voters in Dublin got to hear from Senate candidate Herschel Walker on the campaign trail.

He's facing off against incumbent Senator Raphael Warnock. Alongside the senate hopeful was Texas Senator Ted Cruz, who warmed up the crowd. Hundreds greeted Walker and Cruz in downtown Dublin. Part of the sea of people in the Market on Madison was Taylor Outlaw from Danville. She was there with her baby son.

"Rising costs of inflation. Gas is insane, trying to go to work and make a living," Outlaw said.

In his speech, Walker echoed the same, blaming Senator Warnock and other Democrats for rising prices.

"After two years after being into office, you see where we're at today: this inflation. You see what he's doing with our police, but let me talk about our military," Walker said.

Next, he questioned the use of people's preferred pronouns in the military.

"Senator Warnock and Joe Biden are talking about bringing pronouns in our military. Do y'all know what pronouns are? I don't even know what pronouns are," he told the crowd.

Walker moved on to green energy in the military, speaking about the potential of war, and not being prepared.

"China's not talking about fueling up a tank in the desert with electricity," Walker said. "They're talking about war and we're talking about the 'green agenda.' The 'green agenda?' Are you serious?"

Another main point was Walker's stance on abortion. He recapped part of his debate with Senator Warnock.

"I believe in life. I'm sorry to tell you that. I believe in life. And he said to me, 'Herschel you know what? A patient and a doctor cannot be in the same room as the government.' And I said, 'Sir, you forget there's a baby in that room, too.' He forgot about that. There's a baby in the room, too," he said.

Also in Walker's speech was his opposition to President Joe Biden's student loan forgiveness policy and his desire to keep funding law enforcement.

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