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'I am excited about the future': Newly-nominated commission leaders discuss plans for Houston County

13WMAZ spoke with Dan Perdue, Shane Gottwals, and Tal Talton to tell you about Houston County's new commissioners and show you the new makeup of the board so far.

HOUSTON COUNTY, Ga. — Tuesday, we told you about the statewide elections. Locally, Houston County also had some big races.

The Houston County Annex saw thousands of voters Tuesday.

"I feel really good about the statewide voters turnout and the turnout here in Houston County was good," Dan Perdue said.

Perdue ran unopposed in the May Primary Elections, but he still enjoyed watching the results come in.

"I feel good about the people of Houston County getting to elect new leadership. I am excited about the future of Houston County," Perdue said.

More than 16,000 voted in the Republican Primary on the next Post 2 Houston County Commission seat. They nominated Shane Gottwals as their choice to run in November with more than 50 percent of the vote.

"Overseeing a business, managing employees, budgeting, and all the stuff we done with managing a family business for these 15 years. I really think that is what made the difference and made it such a wide margin of victory," Gottwals said.

He ran against Republican Steve Williams and Republican Zachary Ivester.

"It was a super great race with the other competitors. I mean, I don't feel like they were competitors, we were really in it together, encouraging each other; and to Steve Williams and Zachary Ivester, I owe a thanks to them for such a positive race," Gottwals said.

Williams provided 13WMAZ with a statement, which said in part: "I humbly and sincerely thank you for your support, your encouragement. Your sacrifice, and your  contribution of time, talent, and resources during my campaign. We ran a highly respectable race with complete  focus, integrity, and unity with  unwavering commitment and effort."

Ivester also provided 13WMAZ with a statement, which said in part: "While we did not win the seat, I can proudly say we won in so many other aspects and I would like to take this time and enlighten you all on what I have won. I can proudly say I won countless opportunities and friendships with a numerous of people. I look forward to being able to serve the citizens of Houston County in some capacity although we may not know what that consists of at this time."

Gottwals also said, "I just want a safe, prosperous, active community; and I feel like we are in the right direction and I am not going to try and do anything to alter that case, so hopefully with a victory in November, I can start in January serving this community in that special way."

More than 27,000 people voted in the Republican Primary on the next Post 4 Special Election Houston County Commission seat.

"I always knew at a young age, I wanted to serve this county in some capacity; and I feel like we were put on this earth to be servants; and I come from a family of servants. It is just what we do. It is who we are. It's a great county to live in and great people make up to this county; and I feel like it is only fair if I give back to people who have been so good to me and my family," Talton said.

In the special election, Houston County more than 17,000 voters chose Tal Talton as their Post 4 County Commissioner.

"We run a business. We run a farm. I understand the value of the dollar; and I just want to use these taxpayers, their not mine, but their the taxpayers, it's my job that the taxpayers dollar is used wisely," Talton said.

Talton also says he's looking forward to serving Houston County.

"I think anything takes teamwork. That's the reason there is five of us, instead of one. I am really excited to work with them and not just the commissioners but the other leaderships in the county; meeting the needs in their departments and the citizens as well," Talton said.

"We in an interesting situation. Two years ago, there wasn't a single member of the commission with less than 20 years of experience, and starting in 2023, there will only one member of the commission who has more than two years of experience. It's a big transitory time in Houston County. The good thing about the people who put themselves on the ballot is they are really committed to continuing a good, steady, legacy of leadership, of wise leadership for Houston County," Perdue said.

Gottwals will face Democratic challenger Tim Riley in the November General Election.

Tal Talton takes office immediately.

Dan Perdue ran unopposed to become the new county chairman. He takes office in 2023 when Tommy Stalnaker retires.

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