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Warnock, Walker campaign across Georgia ahead of December runoff

The candidates have three weeks to convince their supporters to turn out at the polls again

MACON, Ga. — Senator Raphael Warnock and his challenger Herschel Walker have just three weeks to convince their supporters to turn out at the polls again and urge those who didn't vote to cast their ballot by December 6.

Both Senate candidates are wasting no time getting out the vote, less than a week after last Tuesday's results sent them to a runoff.

Beginning with Walker, he is spread out across the state this week, including in areas where he had a strong hold. An example is Jackson County, where he had nearly 77 percent of the vote.  

He's also focusing in spots where he didn't do as well as Warnock like McDonough, Marietta, and Savannah.

Monday, Walker was in Augusta. 

"I'm gonna run because I'm not no politician what I am is a warrior for God and do what's right," Walker said at a rally in Augusta on Monday.

A majority of Columbia County voted for him, but in Richmond County, he got just 30.5 percent of the vote and was 24,015 votes behind behind Warnock.

"It looks like he's hitting some of those spots where he's gaining some of the turnout as far as the runoff election or get some of the same people that supported him in the past," said Clif Wilkinson, political science professor at Georgia College and State University. 

Meanwhile, since Election Day, Warnock's campaign has been jumping around metro Atlanta-- areas where he's had an overwhelming advantage of the vote. 

But on Thursday, he plans to make stops in Bibb County, where he had 61 percent of the vote. 

Also, he'll visit Houston and Peach counties-- both counties where Walker got more votes.

"He's used to this territory. He's done it before. He's in that market where if you just have a few more percentage of the votes. There's so many individuals in that metro area... in the Atlanta market, Valdosta market, Columbus market, etc. that he only has to eke out a little bit more to ensure his win," Wilkinson said. 

One of Warnock's stops this weekend wat his alma mater Morehouse College where he spoke at rapper Lil Baby's Fall Festival.

"The people of Georgia need a champion and a champion for working people. That's the work I've done my entire life. It's the work I've been doing in the Senate," Warnock said. 

Wilkinson says both candidates will rally their voters by talking about balance of power in the Senate. 

For Democrats who already have control, they'll say Warnock's seat will give them that extra edge to push legislation and Biden's agenda through.

If Walker wins, this will make it even-- 50 Democrats - 50 Republicans. The Vice President breaks ties in the Senate. 

But for Republicans,.one more seat is better than none. 

No word on if Walker will campaign in Central Georgia ahead of the runoff. 

As for Warnock, he'll be hopping around the area Thursday, beginning with a stop in Fort Valley at 1 p.m., Warner Robins at 3:15 p.m., and Macon at 7 p.m.

The Warnock campaign so far has not released where those events will be.

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