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Florida 3-year-old goes viral in photos with her 'Creepy Chloe' baby doll

The 3-year-old told her mom, Brittany Beard, that she was "its mommy and it needs me!” her mom said in a Facebook post.
Credit: Brittany Beard
Briar poses with her new doll, "Creepy Chloe." The Florida 3-year-old went viral after her mom posted photos of the two on Facebook.

ST. PETERSBURG, Fla. — One Central Florida 3-year-old is showing the world that even the creepiest things deserve a little love and is becoming the latest internet sensation while doing it. 

Briar loves baby dolls, but it was one particular baby doll that captured her attention while at a Spirit Store in Pennsylvania with her family. 

When Briar laid her eyes on the horrifying doll, the 3-year-old told her mom, Brittany Beard, that she was "it’s mommy and it needs me!” according to a Facebook post.

Briar's parents knew they weren't going to leave the store without the doll, even if it caused a bit of family drama.

"When we first bought it at the Spirit store, it was a huge drama because Briar had to have it and she was throwing a bit of a fit," Beard told 10 Tampa Bay. 

Not everyone was assumed with Briar's new doll. Her 8-year-old sister Belle didn't want anything to do with it.

"My husband had to take [Belle] to the bathroom, so I could buy the doll in secret," Beard said. "I had to hide the doll and give it to [Briar] on the plane because Belle was so scared of it."

Since then, Briar has been inseparable from her doll named Chloe, now dubbed, "Creepy Chloe" and captures the hearts of people on and offline. 

In a Facebook, Beard explained that during a recent trip to Disney World, Briar became a bit of a showstopper herself. 

"While eating breakfast at the Grand Floridian cafe, they brought out the cast member pastry chef to meet Briar and Creepy Chloe because apparently, she loves all things spooky," Beard wrote in the post. "She said she adored that Briar loved the doll and at the end of the meal, she surprised Briar with an amazing spooky cupcake and a mini handmade chocolate Haunted Mansion poster."

She was even able to able to skip the long line at the Haunted Mansion, courtesy of Creepy Chloe. Briar and her spooky doll received a special tour and even got rewarded with a certificate. 

"The cast members were waiting for us when the doors opened to present us with official Haunted Mansion Caretaker certificates and to walk us right onto the ride. It was so magical!" Beard wrote. 

Briar's love for baby dolls isn't new, her mom told 10 Tampa Bay. However, this is Briar's first obsession and she thinks Chloe will be around for a while. 

Beard says that Briar walks to the beat of her own drum.

"Briar is her own person. Even at three," the mom says. 

There might even be a life lesson in little Briar's actions. Beard told 10 Tampa Bay that Briar's dad said in part that, "she doesn't see it as [Creepy], she just sees it as different. She just sees it as needing a mommy or love. She is just being sweet and accepting." 

While the family is slowly coming around to Creepy Chloe, they might have a new addition they'll have to grow to love. Earlier this week, the Spirit Store sent over a box with a new doll.

This doll speaks, and Brittany says this one says: "I'm watching you, I'm always watching you. I love you 'til death." 

While it might be spooky to some, Briar said "it's her big sister" and made the two dolls hold hands. 

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