FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla. — Governor Ron DeSantis made an announcement on the state's efforts to double down on the removal of pythons as the invasive species continues to be a problem for the Florida Everglades. 

DeSantis made the announcement with the help of people and organizations like Alligator Ron, the Florida Fish and Wildlife Commission and the South Florida Water Management. 

"They're an incredibly invasive species and as these pythons have permeated through, they really disrupted the natural food chain balance," DeSantis said during the press conference. "They've threatened endangered species, they've decimated other animal populations, and they're disturbing the ecosystem." 

As part of ongoing efforts to support the Everglades, DeSantis said the state has worked with Big Cypress Preserve to open its land to python removal. 

Along with opening up the preserve, DeSantis said government departments have agreed to open up 1,000 additional acres in Florida state parks to allow and permit python removal. He also mentioned using contractors to remove pythons "however you do it."

DeSantis announced the state's initiatives to research new technology on python removal as well as continuing python hunts, targeted education, double resources for python removal and adding incentives for veterans to get involved in python removal. 

"We’re putting a lot of money into restoring the Everglades and we want to make sure the ecosystem is strong," DeSantis said. 

DeSantis also introduced Alligator Ron to discuss the Everglades. 

"Together with the governor's strong investment in saving the Everglades, we can help preserve this incredible ecosystem for generations to come," he said. "Without a natural food chain, you can't have a healthy environment."

An ecologist spoke on the difficulty of the removal of pythons, adding people said they can't be managed, but he said challenge accepted. 

"Long live the Everglades," Alligator Ron added.

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