WRIGHTSVILLE, Ga. — Between the Wrightsville Fire Department, police department, and the sheriff's office, EMA director Shawn Wombles said they responded to three emergency calls during the tornado warning on Friday morning.

One was a downed tree on Sardis Church Road, and the other was a tree limb on a car.

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"The deputy got on scene here and almost prior to him getting out of his car, some of our local residents had already jumped out with a chainsaw and a tractor and started removing the tree from the roadway," said Wombles.

Although there was not much damage, Wombles says people should come up with a plan for when severe weather strikes.

"I encourage all the residents now to go ahead and prepare now. We're in early spring and we've already seen two severe warnings in a week's time, less than a week's time, so go ahead and prepare now."

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He urges people to sign up for the Johnson County Code Red system that sends text messages with severe weather alerts in the area.

"We use the Code Red system in Johnson County and we encourage everyone, not just the adults that have cell phones, but even your kids. A lot of kids have cell phones in today's world so go ahead and register them on those telephone notification systems."

Also under tornado warnings today were Wheeler, Wilcox, Washington, and Treutlen Counties. So far, EMA directors have not reported any injuries or serious damage.