NEWNAN, Ga. -- It was the weekend leading up to the 4th of July holiday. Traffic was heavy through Metro Atlanta as families escaped for vacation and workers cut out early. A couple from Grantville, Ga. was driving their Ford F350 truck down Bullsboro Dr. in Newnan when someone in a white vehicle cut them off. The truck driver honked, annoyed at the rude driver.

Moments later, shots rang out.

When police arrived at the Big Lots parking lot on Bullsboror Drive, they found the shaken couple and a truck riddled with bullets.

The pickup truck driver said after he honked the horn at the car, he passed the car and continued driving.

PHOTOS | Truck riddled with bullets after road rage

"The next thing he knew, the vehicle was coming up beside him," according to the Newnan police report.

A young black woman was driving and a black male in his 20's was in the passenger seat. He leaned out of the car and started shooting into the truck. After the Grantville couple pulled into the parking lot, the shooter's car sped away.

The man told police he believed the car was a 1994 to 1998 white Honda Accord, but couldn't give police any other suspect descriptions. When police asked the passenger in the truck if she got a look at the shooter, "She said she never looked over at the vehicle because she was scared," according to the police report.

The truck was hit at least four times, including one hole in the windshield at the driver's head level. The couple had some small scrapes, but weren't seriously hurt.