SALUDA, S.C. — John Harmon, Sr., a South Carolina veteran, is celebrating his 100th birthday.

Harmon was born in Saluda on September 25, 1919.

"Do you feel 100 years old?" we asked.

"Not quite," Harmon said with a smile.

During World War II, Harmon was chosen to be an Army medic. He drove ambulances in France and Germany.

"That was my job the whole time," said Harmon.

John Harmon, Sr. serving as an Army medic in WWII.

Family members say Harmon's unit made history as the first to pass through the Siegfried Line into Germany during the war.

"I can remember when I crossed into Germany one cold night, freezing, out across a blown out bridge," said Harmon. "We drove across [the Siegfried Line] ... went in and picked up my first patient."

"Do you remember ever being nervous or afraid?" we asked.

"I was nervous the whole time!" he said.

50 years later, Harmon retraced his war route with men from his same unit.

"The Army group that I was in had an Army reunion every year. We went back ... a group of us got together and went back to Europe [traveling the] same route that we went in combat," he said. "Same tracks."

John Harmon, Sr.

"I stayed in touch with about 6, 8, 10 of them," he recalled. "We'd telephone, send Christmas cards and pictures. I think everyone I'd been in touch with is dead now."

In 1948, Harmon married his sweetheart, Grace. They were married over 70 years.

After the military, Harmon worked for the railroad, then served as a superintendent for Eagle Construction for many years.

He has 5 children, 9 grandchildren and 11 great-grandchildren. "Can't count them all!" said Harmon.

Family says the 100-year-old still drives a small tractor, and still drives to church on Sundays. 

In 100 years, he's never broken a bone.

When we asked his secret to a long life, he replied, "Don't worry too much. Nothing you can do about a lot of it."

"I've never been locked up. Never been handcuffed. Never spent the night in jail," said Harmon. "Might've had to hide from some cops, but..." he said jokingly.

Wednesday, Harmon celebrated his birthday by having dinner with his family at his home. A big birthday celebration is also planned for Sunday.