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State banana pudding contest set for next weekend in Irwinton

Faye Swicord won last year and took her recipe to the national competition.  She shared some of her secrets with us.

It's a famous southern dessert, and if you think you have a winning banana pudding recipe, get ready.

Irwinton will hold its second state championship competition next Saturday April 30th.

Suzanne Lawler met up with last year's winner who took her Georgia bragging rights to the next level.

Faye Swicord believes in a basic banana pudding recipe with a few tweaks.

"Putting a lot of sugar is in is the secret," she said with a smile.

Her special recipe catapulted her to Centerville, Tennessee to compete in the national banana pudding competition.

Faye went basic, her fellow cooks notched the nanners up a bit.

"One was caramel walnut sesame warm banana pudding," she rattled off. "Another was marshmallow meringue coconut pudding."

Faye is unswayed by fancy ingredients. She chunks her vanilla wafers into the plate whole, and she prefers ripened bananas.

The pudding itself comes out of a box, but here is a hint for your next recipe.

"This is pure vanilla. It's not extract and it costs about seven or eight dollars a bottle, but it really makes a big difference in your pudding," she said.

When it's all mixed up, the meringue is layered on top.

"I put this in a 400 degree oven just to brown the meringue," she said.

If you want to bask in the glory, the festival is next weekend.

If you'd like to enter, the field is about half full. They will cut it off at twenty cooks.

Visit their website at bananapuddingfestival.com

You can also call, 478-233-1548.

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