PLANO — Most fishing stories are just that, stories. But George Saber, also known as Yakman on YouTube has the video to back his whale tale.

"I'm glad I made it out without a scratch," said Saber, of Plano, while recalling his fight with a three-foot long Atlantic Sharphead Shark.

Saber, an avid kayak fishermen, and his buddy were about two miles off shore near Corpus Christi earlier this month.

They were on the hunt for King Fish and weren't having much luck. Saber says that's when they switched to live bait, and when he got a bite.

"Once I hooked up with the shark and I reeled up on it, I could see it," he said. "I said 'OK.' It didn't hit like a king; it didn't fight like a king; so I knew it was something else."

That's when Saber radioed his buddy and fired up his second camera. He was rolling with one camera mounted to his had and another fixed to a boom off the side of his boat. The fight was on.

"They can get a good bite out of you; they can flip a kayak; a lot can go wrong," Saber said.

Here's where it got scary.

"It was OK until I actually brought the shark on board and let go of the line too soon, and that's when it went crazy," Saber said.

The little guy was in no mood. He even took a bite into the seat of the boat. Saber gracefully balanced the kayak polls and cameras all while keeping clear of the sharp teeth.

"It wasn't fear," he said. "It was more of an inch a way as smoothly as possible without getting into more trouble by flipping the kayak or getting bit."

Minutes later and Saber wore him down.

He offers this advice to his fellow fishermen and women.

"I would advise them not to do what I did," Saber said. "The only reason I did it is because I was comfortable doing it and if I was on a similar situation I might reconsider if I were in a similar situation."

He posed with the three-foot long shark and sent him back on his way. He was left with the video and a story he'll never forget.