Nebraska State Troopers say a driver called them after seeing a package fall from a flatbed trailer along Interstate 80 Friday afternoon.

A trooper stopped a Dodge Ram truck that was towing the trailer near the town of Odessa, which is near Kearney.

Another trooper recovered the fallen package and determined that it was filled with marijuana.

The troopers then searched the trailer and found a hidden compartment on the undercarriage.

Dozens more packages were found inside.

In all, troopers found 122 pounds of high-grade marijuana.

Charlie Red, 48, from Colorado, and Damaisy Rodriguez, 29, from Florida, were arrested. They face charges of possession of marijuana - more than a pound, possession with intent to deliver, and no drug tax stamp.

Red and Rodriguez were taken to the Buffalo County Jail.

Troopers say the marijuana has an estimated street value of $366,000.