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VERIFY: What's the best way to dispose of your cooking grease?

Our 13 Investigates report showed you how pouring grease down the drain caused more than half of Macon's sewage spills and overflows.

MACON, Ga. — When we looked into Macon's sewage spills, we showed you the biggest problem is the buildup of grease. It caused 55 percent of Macon's spills and overflows in 2018.

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That grease comes from cooking, and it's not from restaurants.

"The worst way to dispose of your grease is by pouring it down the drain. Pouring it with hot water isn't going to do anything, it's just going to solidify once it gets into our sewer and stick to the side of the wall, causing blockages," says Heather Veal with the Macon Water Authority.

The problem starts in someone's kitchen. 

The Macon Water Authority says you can pour the grease into a jar, put a lid on the jar, and put the jar into the freezer. Veal says it's much better for the sewage lines than the common alternative.

"You cool it, put it in the can or jar, and you put the lid on it. Let it freeze, and then throw it in the trash can."

So we verified the best way to get rid of the grease is by cooling, canning, and trashing.

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To prevent your home or neighborhood from having buildup, the freezer and garbage will do the job.

Veal adds that restaurants have their grease buildup regulated and the water authority checks in with them periodically.