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'It's up to you to be covered': Yes, rideshare drivers need extra auto insurance while on the job

The additional coverage will cost more and the price varies by company.

MACON, Ga. — With more and more people grabbing side jobs delivering food or people, does your insurance give you the coverage you actually need?

You asked, so we spoke with Daniel Jackson at Anthony McEver State Farm and reviewed Uber, DoorDash, and Lyft insurance polices to verify.

Using a personal car while making deliveries on the clock can come at a cost -- that is unless you have the correct insurance coverage.

Kenneth Cooper has been a DoorDash driver for six months now.

He said, "It's quick, easy, money. It's an easy way to learn the city and get to know people."

He loves his job and has had no problems on the road yet, but he wants to know his auto insurance options. 

"We need to be covered out here in case something happens," said Cooper.

So do business drivers need extra auto insurance while on the job?

Daniel Jackson at Anthony McEver State Farm says yes.

As a matter of fact, if you have the wrong coverage, your insurance company may not pay.

"Absolutely, because as soon as you're using your private passenger vehicle for business, a claim may not be covered unless you have that specified coverage," said Jackson.

Both Uber and DoorDash provide an "auto insurance designed for ridesharing" when you're driving on their platform. 

However, even though Uber and DoorDash maintain commercial auto insurance on your behalf, while you're driving on their apps, you are suggested to update your personal auto insurance to help protect you even more.

According to Lyft, in the state of Georgia, "your personal automobile insurance policy may not provide any coverage while you are logged onto the Lyft network."

Jackson also said, "As soon as you turn on the app. You don't have coverage. There is a transportation network company endorsement that you can add to your policy that will cover you from when you pick up that app and are an active driver, up until you pick up the passenger."

So, again, the answer is yes.

If you delivering food, drinks, or people in your car for business, you need to talk with your insurance agent to find out if your auto policy requires an endorsement to provide coverage while you are on the job.

"For the most part, it's up to you to be covered," said Cooper.

For complete coverage whenever you drive for business, consider buying a rideshare insurance policy or a rideshare endorsement.

The additional coverage will cost more and the price varies by company.

Some insurance providers don't even provide a rideshare insurance policy, so it's important to check.