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Yes, text scams impersonating the United States Postal Service are circulating

Postal inspectors warn: don't click the link!

ATLANTA — The United States Postal Service is heading for a big increase in holiday shipping and deliveries starting Monday. 

But as packages come and go for the peak holiday season, many people are also questioning text messages claiming there are problems with packages making it to their destination. 

But are these texts legitimate?


Are texts impersonating USPS circulating?


Better Business Bureau Scam Tracker

United States Postal Inspection Service

Andy Green, a cybersecurity expert at Kennesaw State University


This is true.

Yes, "smishing" texts impersonating the Postal Service are circulating. 


The unsolicited texts claim to be from the United States Postal Service, saying a package can't be shipped or delivered without more information. 

Across the Better Business Bureau Scam tracker, there are numerous accounts of this type of scam from across the country. Posts indicate link to a fake USPS website, asking for a redelivery fee.

Meanwhile, the United States Postal Inspection Service is once again warning of such scams

“Postal Inspectors want to warn customers to stay alert and not fall for a smishing scam this upcoming holiday season," a spokesperson shared in a statement to 11Alive Verify team.

Customers will only receive notifications like text messages and emails if they have signed up for them, according to the postal service.

"These are fraudulent text messages claimed to be from the Postal Service for packages that include a link. Do not click the link. Customers can sign up for Informed Delivery to track their mail and packages," said the USPS spokesperson. 

Cybersecurity expert Andy Green emphasized that criminals are always after money or personal information, and they're counting on people being easily distracted by the holiday season.

"We're reacting instead of thinking, and that is a ripe mental state, psychological state for us to to be taken advantage of as victims by criminals," Green explained."

Customers can report USPS-related smishing here.


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