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VERIFY: Does the Baldwin County Water Department send out shutoff notices?

One Milledgeville man says his water was shut off by the Baldwin County Water Department without warning.

BALDWIN COUNTY, Ga. — Wilbur Mosley says in the last 13 years, he's missed only two payments to the water department.

The second time came last week, when his water was shut off unexpectedly and he had to pay an extra $50 to get it turned back on. 

"Our bill comes somewhere between the 5th to the 8th of each month. From the day I get my bill to the cut off date, that's 27 days, and I'm human -- I make mistakes, I lay stuff down, I forget where's it's at, or I just forget, in general," he says.

So we asked, does the Baldwin County Water Department issue separate letters before shutting off your water? County manager Carlos Tobar says no.

"They just get the invoice, they get the bill, and it states in writing when the bill is due, when the late fee is applied, and when the cut off is," says Tobar, in a phone interview.

So we verified -- there is no shutoff notice. Taking a closer look at the bill, right underneath the amount due for the month is a due date, and then the penalty date. 

However, Tobar says they've heard complaints about no bill reminders for years, and it is something they are looking to change in the near future.

"Our software system has the ability to send out a bill reminder via email or via a text message, so that's one of the things that we're working on, to get that implemented as fast as we can," he says.

Tobar adds that water bills go out the first of every month. Bills are always due around the 15th or 16th of the month.

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