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VERIFY: What are the bike traffic laws in Georgia?

With more people riding their bikes to get from point A to point B, a viewer called our newsroom asking what the rules of the road are for bikes and cars.

MACON, Ga. — Jim Langstaff is the store manager at Bike Tech on Vineville Avenue. He's also an avid bike rider.

He says in Macon, there are a few roads that are more dangerous than others. "It's got some stretches of road that are just entirely no-go zones for bikes, it seems, like sections of Forest Hill that will hopefully be redone soon and some areas of Vineville Avenue and Forsyth Road at certain times of the day," he says.

Langstaff says because Macon doesn't have bike lanes in most areas, there could be some confusion about where cyclists can and can't ride around the city.

"I don't know all the laws of the road for cars or bikes, it just takes education, and hopefully, more of that happens," he says.

He's like dozens of people who do not know what is and isn't permitted when it comes to sharing the road with cars. So we set out to verify, what are the laws for cyclists here in Georgia?

Rachel Hollar with Bike Walk Macon says the laws are the same for bikes and cars. "Bicycles are vehicles -- they have to follow all the rules of the road that a car does, so you have to stop at stoplights, you have to stop at stop signs, you have to travel on the road you're supposed to be traveling in the right direction."

She says cyclists could still get ticketed for not following the laws, just like drivers do. "It's unlawful for a bicyclist over the age of 16 years old to be on the sidewalk, they're supposed to travel like a car, they're supposed to be in the street."

Hollar says that back in 2015, there was only one mile of bike lanes in Macon. Now, there's almost six.

Bike Walk Macon is adding another stretch of bike lane right outside of its headquarters on Poplar Street in Macon.

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