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Verify: Is it OK to snap a selfie at the polls?

We look at the rules on where you can and can't use your phone while voting.

ATLANTA — With the long lines we've seen at polling places across Georgia, it's common that most voters want to celebrate when they finally reach the ballot box. 

They may even want to snap a selfie to document the moment. But a viewer reached out to us to find out if they can you get in trouble for taking a picture at the when voting. 

Our Verify team went searching for answers on where you can and can't take pictures while exercising your right to vote. 


Is it okay to take a picture as long as you don't show your ballot? 


No, you can't use your phone inside a polling location. But you can while waiting in line outside the building. 


According to the Georgia code, you can't use a camera, recording device, or a mobile phone while inside a polling location. 

That means the entire polling place, not just the voting booth. 

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There is also a section that bans the use of your cell phone once you've received your ballot. 

When we looked into the rules of when you are standing in line outside a polling place, we found that Georgia law does not ban photography outside polling places. 

So we can Verify, it's okay to take a picture as long as you're outside the building, without your ballot.  

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