Sleigh bells will soon be ringing as Christmas quickly approaches, but what never seems to be present is snow.

The high temperature last Christmas was 62 degrees with sunny skies -- nowhere near the conditions for even a light dusting.

Needless to say the last few years have been disappointing when it comes to seeing some snowflakes on Christmas day, but has Central Georgia ever experienced a white Christmas on record?

To find the answer, 13WMAZ Meteorologist Courteney Jacobazzi looked through the National Weather Service database.

After scrolling through over a century's worth of Christmas-day records, this is what we unwrapped: The closest Central Georgia ever got was a snowfall the day after Christmas in 2010.


Our area missed having even a few flurries by just a few hours, but up towards Atlanta, they managed to get snow on Christmas night!

13WMAZ Chief Meteorologist Ben Jones actually experienced the north Georgia white Christmas.

"We were driving from Jonesoboro to Marietta, very slowly, but we were going through downtown Atlanta, and the snow was coming down," Jones said.

It was a festive moment. 

"Of course we had Christmas music on in the car, so it was the coolest thing ever," he said.

Back at home, Jones remembers the meetings and the many conversations discussing the potential for snow on Christmas day in Central Georgia in 2010.

"It finally became, 'This will probably be day after Christmas or Christmas night to the north,' so we decided it will probably just be mainly cold, and our northern counties can get a flurry or two out of this," Jones said.

That means it’s verified: Central Georgia has never managed, on record, to have a white Christmas.

While we haven't had a white Christmas, it has definitely been cold. The record low on Christmas day was just seven degrees back in 1983. The coldest Christmas high temperature was also set in 1983, where the afternoon only got up to 25 degrees.


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