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VERIFY: Is viral claim about Target's kids' clothes return policy a hack or hoax?

A viral post claims you can exchange children’s clothes at Target up to a year after purchase. Is it true? Or too good to be true?

“Want to save money on your kids clothes?!,” that's what the first line reads on a photo that's getting lots of attention from parents on Facebook. 

It claims that Target’s “Cat & Jack” line has a “one-year quality guarantee” and that you can return their products for a full return as long as you’re within that year period.

The original poster suggests that they routinely buy their children's clothes and return them if they become damaged or out sized. 


Is this claim accurate? Can you actually return certain products to Target for a full refund even if they’ve been worn or used for nearly a year?


Yes, Target’s policy for its owned brands does allow refunds and returns for up to a year. It’s important to note that Target does not explicitly allow or approve of using this refund to “replace” items. That’s a sort of loophole that could be changed by the company if it’s taken advantage of too much. 


In 2015, Target put out a new Return Policy.

“Effective immediately,” it reads, “guests can bring back owned and exclusive-brand items with their receipt to a Target store to receive a full refund within one year of the item’s purchase date. This is an adjustment from the previous 90-day limit.”

This only applies to their quote “Owned and Exclusive” brands. That’s a lengthy list of more than 50 in-store brands, including Cat & Jack.

So, yes. This post is VERIFIED.

You can get a full refund on Cat and Jack clothing, or any of those Target brands, within a full year of purchase. 

Credit: VERIFY

It's important to note that the person from the Facebook post got a refund and then bought a new pair of pants with that refund. They didn’t go ask for an exchange. That may not work.

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And finally - a note. When Target announced this policy they said it was to show how high-quality their products are and to simplify the shopping experience.

The company's release doesn’t say anything about wanting people to buy an item once and keep returning it every year for a new one. While technically you could do that with these brands, but keep in mind that Target can always change these policies. 

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