Sometimes, waiting at a stoplight can have you seeing red.

James Hagan spends his lunch break counting dozens of cars. "It's a lot of people trying to cut though the parking lot trying to beat the light," said Hagan. 

Hagan he says instead of waiting at the light at Tom Hill Sr. Boulevard and Northside Drive, people drive through the Kroger parking lot.

"If I see there's a red light and it's a long line and I'm not going to make the next green light before I go again, I'd rather just cross through the parking lot," said Hagan. 

We set out to verify, is it legal to cut through a parking lot to avoid a stop sign or a red light?

We asked deputy James Litton, who has patrolled Macon's streets for 8 years.

"It only takes two seconds for a fatality, as opposed to you waiting a few extra seconds for that light to change," said Litton. 

He says people lack patience, which causes more collisions. "You can't do it. It's illegal," said Litton. 

We checked with the Georgia code, which requires obedience to traffic control devices. Litton says means those traffic lights and stop signs.

We verified -- yes, it is illegal to cut through a parking lot just to get around a stop light or a red light.

Litton says he likes to police the area at the intersection of Eisenhower Drive and Pio Nono Avenue. He says people constantly cross through the gas station at the corner.

"You will get a bunch of tickets," siad Litton. 

Litton says instead of looking for a faster way to get to where you need to go, give yourself more time to get there and your day will go a lot smoother because you won't risk getting a ticket.

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