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VERIFY: Viral claims about a hidden message in Joe Biden’s logo are false

VERIFY viewers wanted to know if a viral claim about Joe Biden’s campaign logo had any truth to it. It’s false.
Credit: VERIFY

WASHINGTON — Viewer Rhonda F. sent the VERIFY team an email asking if “the 3 red stripes in Biden(s) logo is it true for what google says it stands for?”

Rhonda is talking about a viral claim that can be seen in posts on Twitter and Facebook. They tell the reader to Google what the “3 red stripes” in the Biden logo stand for.

Many of the claims actually have a screenshot of a Wikipedia page calling them the “Three Red Banners." The article says that the “Three Red Banners” was a Chinese slogan in the ’50s that called on the Chinese people to “build a socialist state.”


Does the red letter “E” in Joe Biden’s campaign logo actually represent a Chinese socialist logo called the “Three Red Banners?”


No. These claims are false.

The creators of the logo posted their design choices back in May of 2020 and the red lines have nothing to do with the “Three Red Banners.” The same logic that would tie Biden’s logo to the Chinese symbols would also apply to plenty of other flags and symbols.


An internet archive from May shows that the designers of the Biden logo had very specific reasons for the three red lines in the “E” of the logo.

“By incorporating nods to the American flag, this logo is a representation of Biden’s investment in America,” it reads. “The 3 stripes represent the branches of government and the strength of unity with Biden.”

There are also plenty of examples of other flags and symbols using three red lines that aren’t linked to a Socialist movement.

For instance, the State flags of Hawaii and Ohio both have three red stripes in them.

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