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No, you can’t 'undo' the COVID vaccine

People are searching for ways to "undo" the COVID-19 vaccine.

ATLANTA — Vaccine mandates continue to become a mainstay at companies. So, in order to avoid losing their jobs, people are succumbing the mandate and then trying to learn how to undo the vaccine.

In a now deleted, viral TikTok Dr. Carrie Madej outlined ingredients for a bath she claimed would “detox the vaxx” for people who gave into COVID-19 vaccine mandates.

Ingredients included simple everyday items like baking soda and Epsom salt. One ingredient called for including a cleaning agent that was banned as a food additive by the FDA. Another social media remedy to “undo” the vaccine includes using cupping therapy.

So, can you undo a vaccine?





First, here’s a reminder of how the COVID-19, mRna vaccines work. The vaccines get to your cells and produce spike protein similar to the virus, so your body can begin to build a defense. The vaccines are injected and don’t stay on the skin.

So, looking at cupping technology, experts with Harvard Health and Cedars-Sinai explain the therapy works mainly for pain relief like back and neck pain, muscle soreness and migraines. It can even been used for acne and hives. The therapy works by creating a suction to encourage blood flow, and it’s believed the increased circulation helps promote healing and reduce pain.

But research suggests while cupping can help with pain relief, the quality is low and can sometimes even been attributed to a placebo effect.

But nothing comes out of the skin during a cupping session, so it would be impossible to use this method to draw out the liquid vaccine.

Moving onto the detox bath, one of the ingredients is Borax, used in plenty of everyday household items. In it’s pure form it can cause eye irritation, can be poisonous if ingested, and can cause skin rashes, vomiting, and respiratory problems if inhaled in large quantities.

Now, there’s plenty of articles online showing how to make bath salts or scrubs with Borax. But, those call for a tablespoon of the powdery white additive. The “detox the vaxx” method calls for a cup (which is 16 tablespoons.)

Again, the vaccine doesn’t stay on the skin and immediately attaches to cell, making it impossible to draw it out of the body.

“Once you’re injected, the lifesaving vaccination process has already begun. You can’t un-ring a bell. It’s just not physically possible,” Rasmussen told NBC News. “The transaction process for the mRNA vaccine is fairly quick. Basically, by the time you get out to your car, sorry, the magic has already started.”

So while you can enjoy a nice bath after the vaccine, nothing will pull the vaccine out of the body through the skin. And trying to do so could end up hurting more than helping.