COCHRAN, Ga. — Ingram looks at the charred pieces where a storage shed stood on his church’s property. 

"Very upsetting, because now we have to start all over," says Eddie Ingram. 

He is a pastor at The Lighthouse of New Beginnings Holiness Church in Cochran. On Friday, severe weather passed through the area, and lightning struck a tree near a shed, making it catch on fire.

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"Our choir robes and church robes was in here, everything we use for banquets."

The fire started around noon. Someone was driving down the road, when they saw the shed engulfed in flames, and called the Volunteer Fire Department in Cochran. They then requested the help of the Gresston Fire Department and Bleckley County Fire Department.

Crews arrived and put out the fire before it caused any major damage to the church. Ingram says thankfully no one injured.

"It could’ve been when we were in the church, it could have been when the house was full or whatever, but thank god no lives. Materials can be replaced, but lives cannot."

The fire traveled from the shed towards the main church building. Flames made it through the church’s kitchen wall, causing electrical sockets to burn out. The fire department cut off power, and says the building isn’t safe to use until an electrician inspects it. 

Ingram says this means they can’t have Saturday's Easter service at the church.

"We are going to take the service to our home, and we’re going to have it on the outside so we are going to have yard service. The enemy can’t stop it. The word still has to go forward."

Ingram says he never would’ve guessed a fire would start at his church on Good Friday, but the damages could be a lot worse.