There is no emoji more beloved than the smiling pile of poop. Soon, it might have a buddy.

The Unicode Technical Committee, the body that decides what new emoji will grace our text messages or social media updates, unveiled the next wave of emoji it is considering for an update to Unicode 11.0, which will release next June.

Among them: a frowning pile of poop. Perhaps the sad face is there if you're having a moment or day that's particularly .... (insert the naughty word that rhymes with "pretty").

But let's not overshadow the other candidates for next summer's emoji update. Here are some of our favorites:

Smiling face with cape. For use if someone is your hero. There's also a villain version complete with black cape and mask.

Llama. It would also apply to alpacas. Either way, we all win.

Cupcake. Surprised? So are we. Cupcake seems like an obvious addition.

Skateboard. Tony Hawk would be pleased.

The 67 emoji candidates were recommended by the Emoji Subcommittee. Final candidates will be chosen during the UTC's fourth quarter meeting later this year.

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