The flight went down the toilet, but nothing else could.

In what was an ironic twist of fate, a Norwegian flight with 60 plumbers on board was forced to turn back due to its onboard toilets being out of order, The Local Norway reported Tuesday.

The flight, which took off from Oslo Airport at 9:34 a.m. Saturday, was expected to land in Munich around two hours later. But, as it passed over the Swedish border on the Skagerrak sea, the flight was directed back towards Oslo.

The toilets had more company, however; of the 60 plumbers onboard, 15 others onboard worked in the Norwegian plumbing industry. The group of service workers was traveling as part of a work trip, a report concluded.

FlightRadar24, too, took interest in the flight that should have been.

"So many plumbers on an aircraft and it has to turn back due to toilet trouble. That is enough to make you laugh," said plumber Hans Christian Ødegård to Dagbladet.

Frank Olsen, CEO of plumbing company Rørkjøp, told the Norwegian newspaper he was relieved the passengers handled the situation with humor.

"We'd have gladly fixed the toilets, but it must, unfortunately, be done from the outside and we didn't want to take a chance on sending out a plumber at 10,000 meters' altitude," Olsen said.