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The stuff of nightmares: Dozens of creepy dolls found washed up along South Texas beaches

A debris study through the University of Texas Marine Science Institute shows how much trash washes up on Texas beaches, and shows the dolls could be from anywhere.

CORPUS CHRISTI, Texas — Many items can wash up on shore when visiting the beach, from jellyfish to trash, but those items aren't as creepy as what was found recently. 

Dozens of doll parts have been found in the sand along the South Texas coastline. 

"We've found over 20 dolls," said Jace Tunnell, Director of the Misson-Aransas Reserve. 

Tunnell is among the researchers who normally set out in search of things like turtles and birds on the beach, but every once in a while, he finds a doll. 

"We monitor about 40 miles of beach from North Padre Island all the way up to Matagorda," Tunnell said. 

He adds that a debris study through the University of Texas Marine Science Institute shows how much trash washes up on Texas beaches, and said the dolls could be from anywhere in the world.

"We actually have 10 times the amount of trash that washes up here that has to do with the loop current that goes around Mexico and up the east coast of Florida," Tunnell said. "And anything in that current gets pushed up on the Texas coast."

There are some people who treasure the creepy findings. Tunnell says they end up selling them every March to help raise money for the AMOS Rehabilitation Keep. Every penny donated helps in the efforts to recover stranded sea turtles and birds.

"Some people tell me they collect them and want to buy them, watch the Facebook page and watch for the sale," Tunnell said. 

The highest bid for one of the dolls was $35.

The washed up toys are also an eye-opening call to action to keep area beaches clean.

"Get people to recognize if you see trash on the ground, pick it up and dispose of it properly," said Tunnell.

If you plan to go out to the beach you might just find one.

Our very own Meteorologist Carly Smith even found a doll part during her trip to the South Packery Channel Jetty Wednesday.

Tonight Bill Churchwell 3 News is reporting on creepy dolls found at the beach. Well today I saw my first leg somewhere near the South Packery Channel Jetty😬

Posted by Carly Smith WX on Wednesday, May 4, 2022

On July 3, HBO's John Oliver did a segment on the dolls. He was terrified. He offered Mission-Aransas Reserve a $10,000 donation for the remainder of the dolls so he can properly dispose of them.

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We have reached out to Mission-Aransas Reserve to see if they will take the deal. 

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