DENVER — It’s Friday, so how about some A+ raccoon content?

This comes courtesy viewer Erik Ciebiera. He said he spotted what basically looked like a conga line of raccoons on the fence in his backyard off Broadway and Evans Avenue in Denver Thursday night.

Check out the photo below. It looks like it's a mom taking her family out for a walk, which is super adorable (if you think trash pandas are cute, that is ...). 

Mom and babies
A mom leads her "nursery" of raccoons across a fence in Denver on Thursday night.
Courtesy Erik Ciebiera

Also, fun fact: a group of raccoons is called a nursery! Female raccoons typically have two to seven cubs in the early summer. Like many human families (not all), they love to spend time together -- especially early on! 

Want more raccoon facts? Want more A+ raccoon content? Ciebiera got a video of the nursery of raccoons that came to his yard.

We edited it to make it a pop-up video about raccoons, because you never know when this could help with bar trivia.

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