Warner Robins Police officers arrived at the Foxwood Townhomes Thursday morning in Warner Robins only to witness a murder. 

After her partner opened the door, Shameka Renee Smith stabbed Monis Traci Howard-Roberts. 

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Jennifer Parson of the Warner Robins Police Department said the two were in a relationship with a history of domestic violence. 

The Salvation Army Safehouse in Warner Robins is one resource domestic violence victims can use to escape a potentially dangerous situation.

Domestic violence is not always easy to spot, but Captain Ruth Kenyon of the Salvation Army said it primarily revolves around control.

"When someone doesn't have their own power or freedom to make a choice and its being made by someone else that's in their household, that is domestic violence," Kenyon said.

The Safehouse is anonymous and made known only to victims. If a victim is in Houston County, the Salvation Army will contact sister shelters to house them away from their abuser.

 Kenyon said abuse is not always physical but can also be mental, emotional, or financial. When an abuser controls some of those other factors, it can be hard for a victim to leave their situation.

"The number thing we do is a safety plan and not everyone is ready to leave, not everyone can leave so when you call our crisis line we can step by step work with you to develop a safety plan," Kenyon said.

The Safehouse can also help victims with transition, relocation, counseling, and education. They will provide resources to get a job or assistance with SNAP benefits. Even after someone leaves, The Salvation Army will keep up with them for up to two years.

"We try to make sure that they know how to establish healthier relationships and that they are not alone," Kenyon said.

To reach The Salvation Army Safehouse Crisis Line, call 478-923-6294 or to reach the Crisis Line and Safehouse of Central Georgia in Macon, call 478-745-9292.