After hearing evidence in the Crystal Walker case, a judge has decided it will go to trial. Suspect Willis Roberts is charged with killing his wife, 35-year-old Crystal Walker in September 2015.

"He was seen arguing with his wife the night prior to the murder," says Bibb County Investigator Markus Baker.

Witnesses say they were arguing over money. Roberts was arrested in March after months as a person of interest. On March 23rd, Bibb County investigators presented all the evidence they have gathered against him.

"The tape used to bind the body of the deceased was admittedly purchased by the defendant. The defendant also admitted to hiding the victim's after the incident," said Baker.

Investigator Markus Baker says Roberts was seen by a witness and caught on camera hiding Walker's car on Coliseum Drive. A witness even said they heard Roberts making threats at work.

"He told several coworkers prior to the incident that he was in fact going to kill his wife," says Baker.

The investigator says they still do not know exactly what Roberts used to kill Walker but he says the scene was gruesome.

"She was beaten, her skull was crushed, there were lacerations and crush marks all over her body. It appeared there was an attempt to sever her head. She had stab wounds just all over her," says Baker.

Based on Roberts' hearing, Magistrate Judge Valencia Jones decided that there was enough evidence to take Roberts' case to trial.