Many of us know the dangers that smoking can cause to our health.

However, it’s not just smokers that are at risk but the people around them.

A woman named Destiny Frye posted on Facebook her experience with secondhand smoke.

It has gone viral with almost 40,000 shares.

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Frye wrote that one minute she was standing in the kitchen and the next she was in the emergency room.

The post goes on to say that doctors told Frye she had a collapsed lung and should consider herself a smoker.

The problem Frye says she has never smoked.

“I’m sharing this with you all in the hopes that you are fully aware that secondhand smoke is dangerous and often downplayed. My life has been altered, my health, because of something I had no part of. If you know of someone who smokes, I hope that you emphasize to them how dangerous it is to not only their health, but to those around them, those they love,” says Frye in her Facebook post.

It's been more than three months since smoking was banned in public housing across the nation.

That move was critical to protect non-smokers.

Andrea Owens lives near Robles Park Village in Tampa.

"Before I'm not going to lie. There was a lot of cigarette wrappers and buds. You don't see that too much anymore. Honestly, you don't even see a lot of people smoke anymore," says Owens.

Even with the ban, Owens says it's hard to escape.

"You don't even have to be in the complex. You can be around and still smoke your cigarette," says Owens.

Many living at Robles Park Village says the smoking ban has helped but many are now going to local parks to smoke. That's where many kids hand out after school.

Mary Martinasek Ph.D is an associate professor of public health at the University of Tampa, which is now a smoke free campus.

"We had an incident a few years ago at our campus where a student ended up in the ER from walking pass someone who was smoking," says Martinasek.

Martinasek says we not only have to worry about people smoking near us but new research has shown third-hand smoke is also dangerous.

"Perhaps a baby or a child rubs up against this furniture or wall that there is a reaction that occurs on their skin that may down the road be toxic," says Martinasek.

Places like Moffitt Cancer Center offer Lung Cancer Screenings. Martinasek says getting tested is the best way to have peace of mind.