Micah Hattaway is a team captain for Mount De Sales, and one of the way he influences this team and serves as a role model is with his positive attitude all the time.

"You gotta bring the energy every day and be happy show your teammates that you care about the game and you care about them and that's what I try to bring," Hattaway said.

But he also brings a valuable skill set along with his personality that make him such a leader and weapon for the Cavaliers.

"We have asked him to do multiple things around the field, he has played QB, RB he plays receiver and safety for us this year," Mount De Sales head football coach Keith Hatcher said. "He is our punter just a very unselfish guy and willing to do whatever the team needs him to do."

And Hattaway thinks playing multiple positions can also serve as an example for the younger guys.

"I thnk its hard taking a spot away from my teammates but I think it shows them that I am not one dimensional, I am not going to just come out on the field and play defense, I can catch the ball I can run around," Hattaway said. "That's what I try to do be everything show everyone you know don't be one dimensional you can do everything that you put your mind to ."

And Hattaway has proven he is not one dimensional. His football IQ is off the charts, and so are his grades. He has scored a 1430 on his SAT's, scored a 31 on the ACT, and has a 3.9 GPA

"I really do well in school so that I can come out here and play sports that's what a student athlete is right? You be a student first before an athlete and that is what I really strive to be before I can come out here and practice everyday and play hard on Friday nights," Hattaway said.

A utility guy who can play anywhere on the gridiron, but maybe the position he plays the best, is the one off the field.