Fans in Macon County aren't the only ones rooting for their hometown hero, Roquan Smith. His aunt says she's always in the stands cheering on her nephew.

Marvin James sat down with her in Pasadena, California after the Rose Bowl to talk about how the linebacker has grown beyond the gridiron.

To date, it's been an awesome career for Montezuma native Roquan Smith, the Georgia linebacker taking the college football world by storm. The All-American's aunt, Shaquanda Baker, has a close relationship with her nephew, both as family and a fan.

"He's an unpredictable talent in where he's gonna take me these days. He works so hard and he's accomplished so much, there's so much more to look forward to," Baker said.

Roquan Smith first made national headlines not because of his speed on the gridiron or the way he dominates tackling, but more because of his initial college football indecision to play for UCLA, but once that situation was buried and he "committed to the G," his career changed for the better, and Baker was there and fell in love with Georgia football even more.

"Especially now that Quan is playing, it's a different kind of excitement, being able to be there and have your family on the field and being a part of that excitement. It's amazing," said Baker.

Baker has since moved from Macon County, but says taking in the moments watching her nephew shine on the big stage is a big priority.

Baker said, "I'm actually from Virginia DMV area, but I travel to all the games. I missed a couple of games his freshman year, but otherwise, I've been to every single game."

The Butkus Award winner, All SEC, and now leading his team into the national championship, but Baker still sees big bad Number 3 as just Quan, and she never doubted he and the Bulldogs would return to Atlanta for the final game of the season.

"Oh, definitely, I booked my flight three weeks ago. I told my nephew, 'I'll see you in Atlanta January 8th,' when he was at my house for Christmas, so definitely, I will be there," said Baker.

The journey continues Monday night in Atlanta with a battle with Bama for the national championship, and it all started Baker and Smith in Macon County.