DUBLIN, Ga. — Roger Holmes has helped create a standard for Fighting Irish football.

"There are high expectations here in Dublin, and as a football coach, you want to be in a place where expectations are high," Holmes said. 

And he says he's been able to create this culture with the "Three H's."

"Staying healthy, staying humble, and staying hungry -- those are the keys," Holmes said. 

Those keys have unlocked nine Region Titles, 1 State Championship, and a 147-58 record during the 17 seasons Roger Holmes has been at Dublin... 

"Every year hadn't been great -- there has been some lean years," Holmes said. "But I think the people here trust and believe we are going to get everything out of these young men that we can."

That trust from the outside is clearly seen on the inside within the players and their faith in Coach Holmes. 

"Coach Holmes is a great guy, but hard work," senior fullback Jaques Evans said.  "If you don't have hard work, he's going to be hard to deal with. Hard work, really -- he wants 100 percent all the time. "

And the Irish are hoping with the help of coach Holmes, they can push themselves harder, especially after a quarterfinal playoff exit last year.... 

"We have a goal here that we live with every year, and that goal is to be playing our best football in week 11, week 11 meaning the first round of the playoffs," Holmes said. 

And the players know what is expected of them in order to play their best in week 11. 

"Taking the easy games as serious games. We can't lack on any team at all," senior linebacker Romello Height said. "It can be the sorriest team in the region, we still gotta bust them by 60-plus, we just gotta play our heart out."

As for Holmes, his heart belongs to his players and the Dublin community, and isn't thinking too far ahead.

"I knew what I wanted to do when I was in high school. Just at the end of the day, having a retirement date or any of those type of things is not my concern," Holmes said. 

Unless that future involves this year, "Right now, it's just being ready for week 11," Holmes said. 

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