The last time the Northside Eagles played for a state championship was 2014, and they also won it that year. Now 4 years later, they are back in the title game taking on Lee County.

"When teams in this region play each other and especially when we play Lee County, you can count on it being very fast, you can count on it being very physical, and you can count on it being very intense," head football coach Kevin Kinsler said.

When Lee County and Northside face off next Tuesday at Mercedes-Benz Stadium it won't be for the region title, much more is at stake than just bragging rights, this time the state title is on the line.

These two region foes meet every year and while the Trojans took down the Eagles the first go around, Northside is ready for round 2.

"You know when you get to this point you do the things that got you here," Kinsler said. "You don't have to reinvent the wheel in the 15th week and I don't think they are going to do that, and we are certainly not going to do that its just going to be 48 minutes of get after it."

The Eagles dropped their last matchup against Lee Co. 24-7, but they are convinced they are a much different team now after winning 5 straight games.

"Of course, you know, we didn't win, but that was the old Northside now its the new Northside," senior quarterback Jadin Daniels said. "We came together, leading our team to where we need to be you know just winning."

Northside's journey to the Benz was different than undefeated Lee County. The Eagles played through a rigorous schedule finishing the season 5-5, but 3 of their 5 losses came to teams who are also playing at the Benz for a state title.

"I think they are to be commended for what they have been able to do, they have pulled it off," Kinsler said. "I am super proud of them and really happy for them and excited about getting ready to go play."

It's the last game of the season so the regular season matchup doesn't matter. How you got the Benz doesn't matter, the only thing that does is how you leave.

"You want them to enjoy the moment, but Its not going to be much fun unless you take care of business at 8 o clock," Kinsler said.