This is a column of opinion and analysis by 13WMAZ’s veteran news and sports anchor, Frank Malloy.

There goes the season -- forget about an SEC title, let alone playing for a National Championship, we'll be lucky to beat Austin Peay.

That, my friends was just some of the social media reaction when word got out that Georgia quarterback and Houston County alum Jake Fromm broke his hand while riding in a boat last week.

The dire predictions were immediately followed by anger and dismay from folks who were wondering what Jake was doing out on a boat anyway.

What he was doing was being a normal 19-year-old college kid having some fun with friends.

By all accounts, it was a freak accident -- nothing shady or mysterious.

Short of confining him to his room under 24-hour guard, things like this can and will happen.

I'm pretty sure somebody in all of our families has suffered a random mishap.

So can we pull back a little on the dire predictions and the venomous rants?

Jake Fromm is a really good guy who just happens to play a very high profile position for a very high profile school.

But he's also a college kid who deserves to be able to have some fun and enjoy his time away from the field and classroom.

Enjoy yourself, Jake, and, oh, by the way -- I'm really happy it was your left hand.