Here we are – another Super Bowl Week – number 52, if you're keeping count, and the New England Patriots have appeared in 50 of them... or maybe it just seems that way.

Actually, it is number 10 for the team many folks love to hate -- Falcon fans included – a number 8 for the duo of Bill Belichick and Tom Brady.

B & B are 5 and 2 in the Big Game, including last year's Comeback for the Ages. I promise that's the last time we'll touch on that one.

No other coach or quarterback has won more or generated more fan abuse in the process.

I've heard countless times over the past two weeks from folks who say they won't watch Sunday because they don't want to see the Evil Empire hoist another trophy.

I get it – whoever said "Everybody loves a winner" never lost to the Patriots in the Playoffs.

This Sunday, it's the Eagles' turn, and you already know the storyline -- 4th quarter - Philly clinging to the lead until #12 fires a laser to [insert receiver's name here]. Game over -- a grinning TB holds up six fingers and poses with the MVP Award - Lombardi Trophy back to Foxborough.

And we all swear off watching the NFL -- at least until next September..

And that's this week's Frankly Speaking.