Next spring will be Doomsday in Macon!

The Georgia Doom is bringing arena football back to Central Georgia in spring 2018, and now they need to start building the team in order to compete.

The Doom held tryouts Saturday afternoon at Windsor Academy to start the process of filling the roster.

This was the second tryout the team held and Georgia Doom head coach Derek Stingley, as well as the other coaches and team owners, were in attendance.

Stingley says he hopes to have around 26 guys on the roster by the time the season starts, and they want players from Central Georgia to represent this team.

“That's what we need, we need to have family faces on the field and by doing it that way, we know that we will have decent crowds we have players who are familiar with the area, guys who just want to do it,” said Stingley.

“We want to keep it Central Georgia based, at least most of the team, and that is very important. I want them to feel and embrace their communities so I want a community type atmosphere out here,” said Georgia Doom owner Kevin Adkins.

Camp begins in January and the Doom will have other tryouts later in 2017 to fill slots.