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Athlete of the Week: Will Fackler

Will Fackler is a sophomore tennis player for the Stratford tennis team and he's our Athlete of the Week!

Will Fackler has always ”served” as an example for his teammates, no matter how young he’s been.

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“You know I told him in the 9th grade which was last year his first year playing with us, he was already a leader on the court just because there is so much respect for his game," Stratford head tennis coach Jaime Kaplan said. 

And he’s earned that respect, because part of Will’s game is to put his teammates first.

“I think my biggest strength -- I play doubles," sophomore Will Fackler said. "My partner is Patrick and we can work together and I am just good with working with him. I enjoy my forehand strength wise, but besides that just the teamwork overall, I enjoy."

Will started playing tennis in the 2nd grade, but then took year off in middle school to rehab an injury and also rejuvenate his passion for the game. When he returned with his racket a year ago, coach Kaplan knew exactly where to utilize him.

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“I think when he started he was a singles player, I’m not sure he had played doubles and we have a lot of great single players on the team but someone had to play doubles, and so we put him in the doubles position," Kaplan said. 

He is Stratford’s number one player in doubles, but also leads the Eagles off the court posting close to a 3.9 GPA.

“Without sports, you also need a backup plan. Academics are always going to be important throughout your whole entire life even after sports," Fackler said.\

Will’s back up plan includes prestigious and non-traditional universities.

“I thought about the service academies like West Point, Naval Academy, Airforce, the Citadel, even though its not a service academy the military schools are my goal," Fackler said. 

Because it's part of his personality. He's an unselfish sophomore, who leads through his service both on and off the court. 

“It’s a real honor to be a part of," Fackler said. "It’s always been a big deal in my family to help others and put yourself second and others first."

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