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Athlete of the Week: Bo Hatcher

Tattnall's versatile baseball player Bo Hatcher is our Athlete of the Week.

Bo Hatcher is so versatile as a baseball player for the Tattnall Trojans he is able to play anywhere on the diamond.

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Tattnall baseball head coach Joey Hiller explains, “Bo is our utility guy. Bo's the guy who plays second base and third base and he's on the mound himself. He floats around from here to there and really plays a solid defense wherever he goes.”

Bo's humility to be more than willing is what helps him earn the respect from his coaches and peers, and his goals are simple. 

“Just being a versatile player, trying to help out the team, doing the very best I can,” says Hatcher. “Just to perform and do what the team needs to do and, overall, win a state championship and win another ring.” 

The Tattnall Trojans are on course to win back-to-back state championships, with a 24-1 record heading into the playoffs on a mission. 

Hiller adds, “It’s great to have a guy like that floating around and contribute. He's just a really good athlete, but he's a young guy, he's a sophomore and still makes mistakes but seems to be growing up a little bit.”

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Hatcher and his teammates begin a three-game series with Mount de Sales on Thursday. Game 2 and possibly 3 will be played on Saturday. 

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