The Washington County Golden Hawks are soaring to a 4-0 start to this football season, and a lot is in part from their impressive ground attack led by players like Jabari Brooks.

“He's a true offense lineman,” explains head coach Joel Ingram. “He is nice and articulate off the field, but when he's on here, he has a bad attitude, and that's what you want and he's really been a driving force on the football field.”

Jabari is a two-year starting junior for WaCo and comes from a long line of tradition when it comes to playing the game of football. His father played at Auburn, while his three older brothers played at Georgia Tech, Mercer, and Penn. His younger brother is also on the team with him now at Washington County.

And Jabari is looking to make a name for himself as well off the field. He's a top student, not only in the classroom, but also in the arts.

“It's really just a mind thing -- you have to tell yourself you have to do it,” says Brooks. “I have parents who are on me about my grades all the time and you can't be out here if you don't.”

Jabari and his teammates are ready to battle East Laurens on Friday to keep their winning streak alive.