One Twiggs Academy senior is getting ready for another successful track season.

He's made the all-region team every year of his high school career.

Owen Nobles only accepts excellence from himself in the classroom as well, which is why he is our Athlete of the Week.

"I try to do the best in everything, because if you don't, what are you doing it for? I guess because if you don't try your hardest in something, there's no point in doing it," Owen reasoned.

And Owen Nobles hardest is pretty darn good.

The senior's sported a perfect "A" average for as far back as he can remember.

"I used to get upset as a child when I wouldn't make 100s and stuff. I guess that's another thing, I just always wanted it," Owen recalled.

And he's always wanted to compete.

Owen's earned all state honors in cross country, he's scored 1,000 points in his basketball career, plus this spring, he'll play baseball and run track.

By the way, his mom, Lisette Nobles, is his track coach.

"He's done very well in keeping up with his grades because he's participated in all these sports, he's very diligent in keeping up with his school work," Lisette said.

"It takes a lot of hard work and you have to make sure you get everything done. It takes a lot of keeping up with everything and making sure you don't forget stuff. Late nights get the best of you sometimes, and with basketball especially, but if you use your time wisely, well, everything works out for me," Owen explained.

He picked up another honor this year, Star Student for Twiggs County. That means he made the highest SAT score of every high school student in the county.

"I got a 1260," he stated. " I was nervous when I got my score back because I thought everyone else was going to be better than mine, but I guess I did OK because I got Star Student."

Owen seems like a laidback kid, but he's got a fierce drive inside to succeed in and out the classroom.

"He's very determined, he's very determined in making good grades, he wants to be top student, he wants to do great, and he strives inwardly to do better in everything that he does to excel in athletics and academics, and I think he's pushed himself within more than Gary and I have," Lisette said.

Owen says he may attend Georgia College or Georgia Southern to major in business.