We headed out to Perry to meet with a senior who excels in playing not just one sport, but three all while standing out in the the classroom as well.

Nicole Butler introduces us to Payton Moss from Perry High School for our Athlete of the Week.

"Go to school, then right after that, I go to practice, go home do homework, eat dinner, and go to sleep. That's usually how it usually is every day," senior Payton Moss says.

Between playing football, golf, and wrestling, Payton Moss doesn't normally have too much free time to toss around.

He's ready to show off his passion and throw down on the mat.

"I've just been doing it since I was little. I started when I was like 5, so that puts me over the competition a little bit," Payton says.

Fighting to end up on top!

"He has over 120 wins in his high school career and he'll be a three-time state qualifier, hopefully if we can get through this next weekend," Coach Randy Moss says.

Moss has been dealing with a recent injury.

"He blew his knee out in the Peach County game in football, and right now he's still wrestling with a torn ACL," Coach Moss says.

"When it first happened, I was down in the dumps. I didn't know what I would be able to do," Payton says.

Payton says he's not going to let this setback make him tap out.

"It just makes things a little more difficult, but you've got to get through it," he says.

Coach Randy Moss says Payton's strength has inspired the team!

"I mean, you just saw the kids kinda create a little excitement because they know everything that he went through," he says.

Payton's mind is hooked on the state title, and Coach Moss says his son carries that competitive nature off the mat and into the classroom.

"I think competition has really helped him because in the classroom. He competes as well because he wants to be up there with the top people in his class," he says.

And with a 4.0 GPA averaging at a 99.6, I'd say he's achieved his goal.

"I try to set an example for other kids because, you know, some people don't have a good home life and everything, so I try to be that example, and if anyone has any questions, I try to let them know they can come to me and ask," Payton says.

But you'll never see him tooting his own horn as he tries to pin down another shot at state and leaving his mark before he graduates.

Payton says he plans on attending Georgia Southern and majoring in manufacturing engineering.

He heads out to sectionals this weekend in hopes of qualifying for the state title.