PEACH COUNTY, Ga. — For the last four years, Lydia Story and Kenzie Langley have practiced together. Now, with time running out at Peach County High School, they're ready to take what they've learned with them beyond the field.

Story has had a busy four years, taking part in extracurriculars, soccer, and more soccer. 

"I play a lot of soccer. I'm playing on another rec team right now, I play indoor, I played travel for a while. I also work at Chick-fil-A, and then I take classes at Middle Georgia State University, and I also run cross country," she says.

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Her hectic schedule forced her to learn how to manage her time wisely.

"Now, I kinda know going to college, I might do school and a job or school and soccer. I'm not gonna try to do all three."

For Langley, she signed her letter of intent in February to go to Abraham Baldwin Agricultural College to continue to play the sport she loves most.

"I wanna be a zoologist. I'm very limited on it, and ABAC, they have a really good soccer program," says the senior.

Being the coach's daughter and player for the last four years has not been easy.

Coach David Langley has been the soccer coach at Peach County High School for seven years. He's enjoyed having Kenzie around for the last four.

"I'm gonna be down when she leaves. I've been a part of her coaching since she was four so that's 14 years of doing it and it's coming to an end this year," he says.

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With a number of new players on the roster, he says these two have stepped up big time to show them the ropes.

"Lydia and Kenzie both have offered opportunities to come out here beyond our normal practices. They'll come out here on a Saturday or Sunday, offer it to those younger girls to come out here and work on some things," says Coach Langley.

With AP classes under their belts, a trip to the elite eight their freshman year, and college plans lined up, both Lydia and Kenzie are ready for what comes after graduation.