FORT VALLEY, Ga. — Dylan Perry and his family have been a part of the Peach County football program for generations and Dylan says he wouldn’t have it any other way.

Perry explains, “It’s done lot for me, coming in as a ninth grader I was real small and not sure what to do but all the coaches have taught me a lot about life and football.”

The offensive lineman takes his role as center seriously especially when it comes to communication, because it all starts with him.

Perry says, “You got to act like a unit. You can’t have one guy doing one thing and one guy doing another. If so you’re going to lose every time it never fails.”

It hasn’t always been an easy road for the lineman, but head coach Chad Campbell says he’s been the perfect guy for the job.

Campbell adds, “He’s the bell-cow on our offensive lineman, three year starter and he’s tough as nails and he’s been through some surgeries. He had surgery this off season and found out he played 10 games with a torn labrum.”

Perry sports a 4.0 GPA and is a big time leader on a team that has been to the state championship in back to back seasons but he knows education comes first.

“Football ain’t gonna last forever, school workload always take you where you need to go," says Perry. “You can get hurt in football and your career be over in a day but with school, you can always go wherever you wanna go.”

And for Dylan he has only one wish on his early Christmas list.

“You always wanna go out with a win and a big ring on your finger”, says Perry.

Tuesday afternoon at 1pm, Dylan and his Peach County teammates will get their chance taking on Cedar Grove for the 3A State Championship at Mercedes Benz Stadium in Atlanta.