A Houston County football player is trending on social media after lifting a personal record in the weight room.

Senior Wesley Steiner was showcased on video, performing a power clean with 405 pounds. After strength and conditioning coach Robby Taylor posted it on social media, ESPN took notice. The sports channel posted the nine-second video to several of their social media accounts helping it become viral. While the majority of followers around the world were impressed by the four-star linebacker’s latest feat a few were doubtful about the effortless lift. Steiner and coaching staff say they can assure you it's the real deal. 

Strength and condition coach Robby Taylor says, “It’s just a unique thing and we knew when it happened that’s why -- the kids and coaches included -- is the reaction we got is you're not going to see that. It’s one of those things you appreciate that it’s there and hope, one day, you will see it again.”

“I was relaxed and enjoying myself and laughing about it but focused enough to get the lift in,” says Steiner. “My main goal was to beat my old record of 375, so if I got past that I was going to be satisfied with myself, but just good technique and I got enough time to breathe, and the lift came because of my teammates around.”

Steiner recently committed to continue his student athlete career at Auburn over Stanford, Georgia Tech and LSU. He carries a 4.0 in the classroom.

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