More than 250 sixteen and 18 year olds from different parts of the country came to the tennis center to begin day one of the level 3 national competition for the Macon Tennis Association.

This is the first of two tournaments that will take place at the facility. The second tourney will take place on July 20th for the Junior team State Championship which is open for kids ages 8 through 18..During both these tournaments, the athletes can expect to work on their craft and gain some great experience as they get to play against some of the top players from around the country.

"It's really exciting to know that these kids they are not only great athletes but great students and they are out here, with recruiters looking at them for college scholarships, these could be our future pros, Macon Tennis Association Executive Director said. "And just the competition is so extreme here, a lot of them maybe haven't played at this national level before. They are seeing some shots they haven't seen before but its a great match."

The first tournament is the first event at John Drew Smith and will end on Tuesday.