Bleckley County head football coach Von Lassiter has Royal blood and can look in the trophy room at Bleckley County High to see she was a pretty good athlete.

"Let me see if my mom is in there. Yeah, that is her right there. They were runners-up, but they were playing in the state championship that year. She was all-state. That's her, Glenda Yearty," Lassiter said.

Coach's mom along with the great Bleckley County Royals are now on display in the new trophy case that was built this past summer at the high school.

"As the students walk in every day and anybody that walks in the front door of the school, when they come through the main hallway, they will see it," Lassiter said.

The old trophy room used to be at the old high school in front of the gym, but now it has been organized, modified, and moved to the main building of Bleckley County High School.

Former coach and administrator Ben Dykes came up with the idea to transfer the trophy case to its current spot. He raised $25,000 for them to build the new display and commemorate the success of Royal athletics, past and present, and hopefully inspire for the future.

This is what we work hard for, this is why we work hard in the classroom, this is why we work hard in extracurricular activities -- so we can hopefully be successful and not just be in a trophy case, and that helps remind us and put things in perspective," Lassiter said.

And it also gives coach a personal perspective on the legacy the Lassiter name has already left behind.

"My mom didn't have videos to show, she just told me stories, so when you see her on the plaque or on the trophy, the plaque, the stories become real, they become real to you." Lassiter said.