There is no surprise the Peach County Trojans have always been loaded with talent, and they do a great job of developing that talent for their students to play college football and some have even made the jump to the NFL.

Inside the Peach County field house, you will find a hall with picture frames of past Peach County Trojansmounted along the wall showing where they played college football or in the NFL.

It's a source of motivation, but also displays showcases the program's legacy.

Throughout the years, Peach County has had some studs on the gridiron, and now they are enshrined in the hall at the field house to inspire and ignite all the players.

"Its great to see and learn the great history from here and it kind of motivates you to get up there, it shows and gives you a goal to get to," senior center Dylan Perry said.

And the ultimate goal is to play in the NFL, an accomplishment 9 former Trojans have achieved.

"Well its just kind of a reminder of the guys who have been through here and what they have put into the program. Hopefully the kids get excited when they see pictures on the wall," Chad Campbell Peach County Head Coach said.

And the players are juiced up because of the familiar faces in the frames. Faces they see even now on the sidelines at Peach County. And while the team might take a few shots on some of their coaches,

"We do give some of them a hard time a lot of them have put on a little weight than they were in college, Perry said.

They also respect and understand the value that comes with being mounted in the hall.

"Young guys coming into 9th grade come over here and don't believe you played football, so you never tell them but they will walk down the hall and say I see your picture or I see coach Lyon picture up there," Dietrich Everrett, Peach Co. OL/DL Coach said. "So you did play here and you did play college ball so it kind of motivate them and give them some inspiration if he could do it, then I could do it. "

And its the same value they hope to achieve some day.

"When you see them on that wall, you know they were real, you know they know what they are doing. The coaches going to push you as hard as they can," Perry said. "Everyone one of these single coaches wants to get you on that wall, they want you to do the best as you can. It's something to look forward to. Hopefully one day I can get on the wall myself."