NFL training camp continues around the league and the Falcons once again taking the field at Flowery Branch trying to get better before the season starts.

Atlanta will look to defend their title as NFC Champs, and are working with the new players trying to improve on their chemistry. The reigning league MVP Matt Ryan will look to build off a career year, but so is his star wide receiver Julio Jones. The All Pro wide receiver said in camp he is always looking to improve different areas of his game even if it is to get one percent better.

"I always work on everything with me. My one percent is pretty much everything, getting off the ball, studying attention to detail, when I am fatigued what do I do when I am fatigued, do I you know run with my hands down or do I keep my hands up with the ball, just a lot I do. I love to play the game and not have weaknesses," Julio Jones said.

Julio caught 6 touchdowns last year, while racking up more than one thousand 400 yards in 14 games. their first preseason game is against the Dolphins on August 10th.